Frequently Asked Questions



Is there a separate tax for the room charge?
The room charge includes the consumption tax. Furthermore, we do not charge a service fee.
How will the consumption tax be displayed on receipts for accommodation plans with points and vouchers?
For points and vouchers, the consumption tax is exempted, so the consumption tax corresponding to the amount after deducting the voucher amount will be displayed.


Is there a waitlist?
We are sorry but we do not have a waitlist. The status of reservations change daily so please check back with us or check our website for occupancy changes.
Tell us about your cancellation policies.
For direct reservations and reservations are made via our website, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations made within 3 days. Please contact your travel agents for cancellation of reservations arranged via travel agents.
How early can reservations be made?
Reservations can be made approximately six months in advance via the Internet and approximately one month in advance via the telephone.


What are your check-in and check-out times?
The check-in time depends on the plan. Please refer to the hotel booking site.The check-out time is 11 am.
When is the peak hour for check-in?
It depends on the reservation status of the day, but it is relatively crowded in the evening during the hours of around 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
How will early check-in or late check-out affect my rates?
Depending on the status of your room, we may be able to allow you to check in a bit earlier than your check-in time. However, if you request to check in earlier, please contact us directly in advance.
Is there a curfew?
Front desk is openly 24 hours.

4.Accommodation and Guest Rooms

Are there amenities such as a hair dryer and lotion/milky lotion (toner / lotions) in the room?
Amenities in the guest rooms are as follows:Face towel, bath towel, hair dryer, shampoo, rinse, body soap, face/hand soap, comb, razor, toothbrush, 2 cotton swabs
Do you have extra space in your refrigerator?
Yes, we do. You may store your own items your rooms.We have provided refrigerators inside the rooms for our guests.
I would like my room to be on a high floor, but is that possible?
The hotel has guest rooms on floors 3 to 6. We will try to accommodate your request, but please understand that we may not be able to do so depending on the room status of the day.
Do you have spare keys to my room?
We issue one room key per room.
Are there wheelchair accessible rooms?
There is one wheelchair accessible room. Please contact us directly for more details.
Can my child sleep together on my bed?
We are sorry but persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to stay with us.
Are there nonsmoking rooms?
Yes, there are. Approximately 60% of the rooms are nonsmoking. If a nonsmoking room is not available on the day of your choice, we will refresh the room with an air freshener. Please contact us in advance.


Will you keep my luggage before check-in or after check-out?
Yes, we will.If you arrive early, we will store the luggage at the front desk. We can also do so after check-out. Please feel free to ask one of our staff. (However, we can not keep any valuables,food items, and dangerous items.)yes we can keep or store your luggages befor check-in or after check-out.
If I leave my luggage at the front desk, will you bring it to the room when I check-in?
If you would like us to bring your luggage to your room, please kindly ask the staff.

6.Hotel Facilities

Can I use the Internet for work?
Wi-Fi Internet can be used free of charge in all of our rooms. ※Please note that our Internet service does not guarantee connection for all guests. Some PCs may not connect depending on the settings.
Is there a public bath in the hotel?
Unfortunately, there is no public bath at our hotel.
Do you have wheelchairs for rent?
Sorry,We do not have Wheelchair in our hotel.
Do you have a bicycle parking lot?
Unfortunately, there is no bicycle parking lot at our hotel.


How do I get to Narita Airport from the hotel?
1. Taxi: ¥20,000~¥30,000 (varies depending on traffic conditions) Usually takes about 1.5-2 hours 2. Train, 3 transfers and a 13 minute walk 3. Limousine bus Roppongi/Akasaka area Narita Airport ~ Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu (15 minute walk)
How do I get to Haneda Airport from the hotel?
1. Taxi: ¥10,000~¥20,000 (varies depending on traffic conditions) Usually takes about 30-50 minutes 2. Train, 2 transfers and a 10 minute walk Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (Keikyu Airport Line) - Shimbashi Station (Ginza Line) - Tameike-Sanno Station, 7 minute walk 3. Limousine bus Roppongi/Akasaka area Haneda Airport ~ Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu (15 minute walk)

8.Other Services

Do you offer lending of plates, forks, wine openers, etc.?
We will prepare them for you at the front desk. Please let us know as soon as possible since they are limited in number. * Please be aware that we cannot lend sharp objects such as knives and scissors.
Do you offer PC rentals?
Unfortunately, we do not rent computers. We ask for your understanding.
Can pets stay with me?
We do not allow pets to stay at the hotel. We do, however, allow guide dogs, services dogs and hearing assistance dogs to stay. Please let us know in advance.
Available Medicine
The hotel does not provide pharmaceutical products in accordance with Article 24 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please either prepare your own medication in advance, or if you would like information on hospitals and pharmacies near the hotel, please ask the staff at the front desk.
Do you provide laundry services?
Unfortunately, we do not provide laundry services.
Do you offer room service?
Unfortunately, we do not currently offer room service.
Do you lend equipment for small children?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide equipment for small children.
Please tell me what you offer for breakfast.
Japanese and Western by buffet styles.
Can I purchase Tokyo Disney Resort® tickets at the hotel?
Unfortunately, we do not sell Tokyo Disney Resort® tickets.
How are valuables kept at the hotel?
Your valuables can be kept in our safety box at the front desk free of charge.
What equipment are available for lending?
Mobile phone charger, nail clipper, sewing set, iron, trouser press, bottle opener, thermometer If you need anything other than the above, please feel free to ask our staff.
Are there convenience stores nearby?
Yes, there are stores nearby.