We aim to make our hotel different from any other.

At Akasaka, you can experience a unique culture combining business, gourmet food, and entertainment.We play the role of an urban getaway as our concept is to create an urban resort aimed at adults.We aim to create an accessible, luxurious resort, a special space where you can relax, a comfortable place where you can feel at home.At Hotel Rex, you can enjoy maximum relaxation, a luxurious atmosphere, and the best service in every corner of the place. Please enjoy your special time here. We also offer a new style of entertainment in Akasaka, Tokyo for those who are tired of typical entertainment mediums.


At Hotel Rex, room 331 is a 19.92m2, barrier-free, non-smoking room equipped with a wheelchair.

This room can be used by a maximum of two people.Please ask us beforehand to make sure the room is available.


Enjoy breakfast and have a wonderful morning.

At Hotel Rex, we offer a breakfast buffet at the bar on the first floor. We serve fresh vegetables and light bread to ensure you have a pleasant morning. We serve breakfast from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.